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December 2012 Independent School Magazine (the online version)
“The New Science of Leadership for Citizens of the Milky Way” [672KB PDF]

Recent Projects

June 2014: The Crossing, a video narrative created through a love of the ocean and the inspiration that comes from it. The Kaz made her Crossing of the Gulf of Mexico in June 2014, From Corpus Christi, TX to Tampa Bay, FL. Experience The Crossing. Watch the video below!

December 1, 2012: No wonder we sense progress with the complex challenges facing the current generation of students. According to a survey by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), almost all of its 1,400 member schools have components classifying them as “global.” This can’t be happening fast enough, as the problems seem to be intractable: global warming; economic complexity; geo-political instability; bigotry and intolerance; extremism and authoritarianism; and, exponential informational/technological change. While many of these aren’t new, globalization is accelerating their frequency and impact.

What knowledge and skills will our graduates need to be able to cope with all this? Here’s how Braman Group International (BGI) has been responding to that question in the past six months:

  • Brown University. BGI designed and facilitated a retreat for the management team in charge of 160 programs. The process included interviews with senior staff, alumni and affiliates. Purposes: identify core competencies and learning outcomes for global programs; develop teamwork among stakeholders; create a mission statement to focus marketing and branding.
  • The Hotchkiss School. BGI helped roll out Leadership and Social Change, a breakthrough program employing mindfulness and non-violent communication training, serving Native American students at Yale and Harvard and diverse high school students. BGI provided training for Leader Learning Plans, a program evaluation, and a report to the Board of Trustees on learning outcomes and marketing strategies.
  • United World College–USA. After designing, enrolling, and directing the inaugural Global Leadership Forum in 2011, BGI worked with the school to launch a successful 2012 version. The program has enrolled youth from 17 countries for a Certificate in Intercultural Leadership. Requirements: Leader Learning Plans and digitized personal narratives.
  • The International Film Festival of Alamos, Mexico. BGI is developing “Peuntes sin Fronteras,” an exchange program for U.S. and Mexican youth. Language immersion, homestays, and production of video documentaries about local culture in a safe, magical, small Mexican village.
  • Meeting of the NAIS Global Consortium 21st Century Skills
    “The Sky Used To Be The Limit”. Learn more here.