My career has been dedicated to teaching, leading and learning. Braman Group International (BGI) draws on this experience through consultations that help leaders like you realize the vision of a more sane and sustainable world. Here’s how:

1) I work with organizations long term

I help envision breakthrough initiatives to extend the mission, build the brand, and enhance revenues. Then, I assemble the team and oversee the entire launch – financial planning, marketing, website development, student recruitment, staff hiring and training, and management of operations. Here’s a sample: Global Leadership Forum

2) I work with organizations short term

I help organizations envision and plan breakthrough initiatives they can implement on their own.  Global Programs for High School Students – Brown University

I conduct staff training that unleashes the capacity for innovation and growth. SMI TRAINING.web

I conduct operational audits, unravel knots and improve systems.

3) I serve as the personal coach for leaders worldwide

— CEOs of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations
— College and independent school leaders
— Division directors
— Directors of start-up initiatives

4) I conduct state-of-the-art leadership development for leaders and learners of all ages and nationalities

These are highlighted by language immersion – Puentes sin Fronteras  and
nature-based learning. services web




5) I provide video production services that build the brand of mission-driven organizations through the art of digital storytelling. – Ex Ed Media