Youth Programs

BGI offers state of the art programs for young adults that address global issues, take learning off the charts, and provide a test-bed for pedagogical innovation.

In March 2013, BGI traveled overland to the remote village of Alamos, Mexico to continue a “beyond borders” mission begun in 2009 at the international conference for the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Australia.

The goal was to demonstrate the constructive use of  technology in a low-cost experiential program that would spark social entrepreneurship. All instruction was in Spanish. This 8-minute piece, “Behind the Scenes of La Ultima Vez,” is about the process involved:

All footage was shot with flip cams or smart phones to prove the versatility of inexpensive technology. Twenty-six Mexican students from 3 cities worked in 5 teams to create 5 short films in 4 intensive workshop days embedded in an international film festival on the theme of “Our Natural Environment.” Individual teams shared works-in-progress with the whole group in a dialogue of constructive feedback. Editing was done in Final Cut Pro with student input.

“Behind the Scenes” is now being used in public and private school Spanish language classes as a “teachable moment.”

BGI programs adhere to five pillars of design: 1) A Path with Heart 2) Social Entrepreneurship 3) High Touch, Deep Connection 4) Low Tech, Deep Learning 5) High Tech, Wide Impact. For an in-depth discussion of these elements, please see “The New Science of Leadership for Citizens of the Milky Way” in Publications.

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