Organizational Growth

Schools, college and educational institutions are experts at creating rich learning experiences for their students, but often fail to apply the same learning spirit to their organizational culture. With its unique Four M Framework, BGI helps leaders and stakeholders turn the lens inward, and infuse their organizations with new models of dynamic growth to meet the needs of a changing educational market and bring learning alive for children and adults.

In many cases, this growth process borrows useful concepts in innovation from the world of entrepreneurship: product redesign, revenue enhancement, customer needs, and delivery systems. In some cases, reimagining an organization in these terms involves “pivoting,” or staying true to original purpose while veering off in unexpected directions, based on new experience and information.

BGI understands that when it comes to making change, time is of the essence. Decisions must not be rushed, but organizations can be coached through “rapid cycle” prototype development to quickly gauge impacts and results of new ideas. BGI services include the following:

Strategic Planning

At BGI, strategic plans are not treated as doctrine, but as living, dynamic guideposts to helping clarify goals, align values, and establish measurable milestones of progress and growth.

Marketing and Branding

BGI founder John Braman has helped schools and organizations at all levels re-discover and capitalize on their uniqueness, and rise to the top of a crowded and complex market.

Fund Development

From designing summer experiential learning programs to reaching out in more meaningful ways to donors and alumni, BGI helps schools, colleges and other educational organizations find unexpected ways to thrive in a shrinking economy.

Executive Coaching

As president of the Independent Schools Association of the Central States and director of learning centers in universities as well as the non-profit world, John Braman understands the pressures—and often loneliness—that comes with leadership. As a mentor, thought partner, and expert in organizational growth, he has helped school and program directors build their personal and professional capacity.

Curricular Integration

Brilliant new ideas and programs often fail because they are not integrated into the culture and curriculum of an organization or school. BGI works with leaders, staff and other stakeholders to create the space and trust in which new ideas can be incorporated with success.